Bushido Academy

Mr.Rester, Sensei

About Mr.Rester, Sensei

My name is Daniel Rester Sr., and I am the Chief Instructor at Bushido Academy and I have 24 years of Martial Arts experience. In this 24 years, I have gained a wide array and depth of knowledge in hand to hand self-defense tactics specializing in Nihon Goshin Aikido and Chang Hon Taekwondo. My very first experience in martial arts still stands out very vividly in my mind and I think that this training absolutely shaped who I am today. I started training in 1984 at small Taekwondo school near my hometown in Mobile, Al under the head instructor Jerry W. Mosley. My training with Taekwondo taught me to be an expert with striking and kicking. Our training included hundreds of variations for different types of strikes, vital target applications, and bone breaking techniques. This for me was a perfect outlet as a young man growing up; giving me the perfect outlet helping me to stay out of fights and trouble. I achieved the rank of Ni Dan or 2nd Dan black belt from Jerry Mosley in 1991 under the original Chang Hon Taekwondo style of martial arts lead by General Choi Hong Hi. I continued to train directly with my Mr. Mosley until 1993. After this, I remained active in my personal training with the art but went on to college and ultimately relocated from my hometown. In 2001 I started training in the art of Nihon Goshin Aikido, where I was introduced to Shihan Steven Weber, a pioneer of martial arts.

I received my brown belt in Nihon Goshin Aikido in 2004 having learned all the classical techniques and passing my self-defense test, by this time I had also complete my student teaching certification in NGA.


In 2010, I achieved the rank of Sho-Dan or 1st Dan after completing my self-defense test consisting of 140 attacks including grips, chokes, headlocks, bear hugs, attacks from behind, punching attacks, knife attacks, attacks with pistols and multi-man attacks. I completed this self-defense test with one of the highest scores ever achieved in our dojo, which was no small accomplishment. In 2014 after completing countless hours of intense private training with Mr. Weber, Shihan, I achieved the rank of Ni-Dan in the art of Nihon Goshin Aikido. In our style of Aikido, Nihon Goshin AIkido is a 6th degree system, the rank of Ni-Dan completes the last physical testing requirements for black belts; less than 1% of students will achieve the rank of Sho-Dan or 1st degree black belt. It is my goal to continue to develop and teaching Nihon Goshin Aikido because without a doubt it is the most versatile and practical martial arts system for self-defense.

I would also like to extend my gratitude by honoring my first instructor in this art that showed me the way and was the single most influential person in my martial arts career. Thank you Jerry W. Mosley for your hard work and dedication and love for Taekwondo. Not only were you my teacher but you were also my role model, the memories I have training in our old school are some of the best times I’ve had in my martial arts training.

Until we meet again!